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Serving Up Success For ADJ

Challenge: To Create Excitement For Our Client At A Major DJ Trade Show After Its Leading Competitors Had Gained Attention By Sponsoring High Profile Concerts.

Solution: Create A More Informal Fun Event Featuring Free Food Before The Competitors’ Concerts.

ADJ is a leading maker of entertainment lighting and audio products aimed primarily at the mobile DJ market. There are two major trade shows that serve this market: one in the west and the other DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ.

Historically, ADJ had focused its promotions exclusively on the western show. However, when the Atlantic City show gained a larger following, ADJ suddenly found itself outflanked by two of its competitors who sponsored popular late night concerts.

ADJ turned to Fucini Productions to implement a catch-up strategy. Visiting the Atlantic City show for the first time, we noticed that many of the attendees seemed lost between the time the show floor closed at 6 and the time the concert started at 9:30. The restaurant lines in the casino resort were long; their prices were expensive and the DJs were frustrated.

Following our advice, ADJ stepped in to fill the void. We rented a ballroom from the hotel and made arrangements with the catering department to hold an all-you-can-eat PizzaFest from 6:30- 8pm. Over a thousand people attended our first event (show attendance was about 5,000) and our client’s retail partner had record sales.

The second year we added entertainment to PizzaFest and drew 2,500 (about half the show’s attendees). Sales continued to soar and ADJ’s competitors stopped sponsoring their concerts. ADJ now had the highest profile event at its industry’s most important show.

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