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Social Media Marketing

Fucini Productions manages Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for a variety of companies. We also actively engage in blogging for our clients and run ad campaigns on Google + and Facebook. Through our efforts, we can help ensure that your brand is part of the conversation on the social media.


Why is this important? Simply put, because friends follow friends on the social media, which makes it the greatest Word Of Mouth advertising tool in history.

According to Nielsen Global Online, 90% of consumers trust online posts made by people they know, and 70% trust posts by strangers. In the Deloitte ‘State of the Media Democracy’ survey, 51% of US consumers said that they’ve made a purchase based on an online recommendation, and 65% said they’ve visited a company’s website as a result of such recommendations. Over half (53%) of Twitter users recommend businesses in their Tweets, and according to Hubspot™, 24% of the US adult population has posted a comment about a business on Facebook.


Who Do You Trust?

Whether in word or deed statements by customers on Facebook or anywhere else on the Internet exert a much more powerful influence on consumers than any company advertisement, celebrity endorsement or expert opinion.

In a world where scandals have rocked every facet of life from sports to politics, consumers seem to be placing more trust in themselves, while they exhibit less faith in every big institution. A survey conducted by Yankelovich found that consumers were more than twice as likely to trust friends than experts, and eight times more likely to trust friends over celebrities.

Recognizing the importance of the dialogue consumers are engaging in online, savvy marketers have been busy looking for ways to make themselves part of the conversation.. According to a study by Syncapse, fans of the 20 top brands on Facebook are spending an average of $71.84 more per year on these brands than non-fans. McDonalds’ fans spend $159.79 more annually, Starbucks spend an extra $124.27, and Pringles’ 15 million spend an added $72.55. The researchers at Syncapse also found that the Facebook fans of these companies were 28% more likely to remain loyal to them and 41% more likely to recommend them to friends

In light of these advantages, it makes sense for any business, including yours to take steps to build its Facebook fan base. A good way to begin is with Fucini Productions!

Why Implement An Email Blast Program With Fucini Productions?

There’s a good reason why 88% of businesses that sell to consumers use email blasts, according to Forrester Research. Email blasts work! Almost eight out of ten US Consumers (79%) have opted in to receive email blasts and 44% of us have acted on them. Read More.