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A New Lease On Sales

Challenge: As Our Client’s LED Lighting Products Became More Sophisticated Some Of Its Bread And Butter DJ Customers Were Becoming Reluctant To Purchase Them Because Of Their Higher Price And Steep Learning Curve.

Solution: Develop A Program That Minimizes The Upfront Costs And Risks By Making It Easy For Customers To Rent Lights From
Authorized Dealers.

ADJ is a leading supplier of entertainment lighting products to the mobile DJ market. A decade ago, before the advent of LEDs, onboard software, wireless control and other technologies, the company’s lights (like all other products then on the market) were simple for DJs to operate. Also, because the lights were simple, they were also more affordable for the working DJ.

As technology progressed, however, higher prices and a steeper learning curve made some DJs grew leery of buying new lights. Concerned about this development, ADJ decided to develop a rental program and turned to Fucini to help develop and promote it.

We created the first draft of rules and parameters for the program and developed marketing material to enlist dealers through trade magazine advertising and email campaigns. We also developed marketing and merchandising materials that participating dealers could use to promote the ADJ Rental Center program.

This material included email marketing messages and traditional print ads that dealers could use to reach their customers. After only six months, ADJ had enrolled 120 dealers in its program.

Why Implement An Email Blast Program With Fucini Productions?

There’s a good reason why 88% of businesses that sell to consumers use email blasts, according to Forrester Research. Email blasts work! Almost eight out of ten US Consumers (79%) have opted in to receive email blasts and 44% of us have acted on them. Read More.