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Delivering Good News For Elation

Challenge: In 2005, Elation Professional Had Made Upgrades To Its Product Line, But It Needed A Platform Beyond Traditional Trade Journals To Deliver This News To Its Lighting Designer Customer Base.

Solution: We Developed A Professional Monthly Digital Newsletter For Elation And Diligently Promoted It To The Industry. By 2013, over 10,000 Readers Opted In To Receive This Publications And Its Open Rate Routinely Exceeds 30-Percent.

By the early 2000s the writing was clearly on the wall for print media; it was losing readers as more people went online for news and information. However, many companies were still reluctant to create their own digital media platforms and reach out to customers with online publications. Fucini Productions broke through this barrier, developing email marketing campaigns for clients in the early 2000s.

Elation Professional was relatively new to the upper end intelligent lighting market at the time and wanted to tell lighting designers that it’s new generation of products was vastly superior to its earlier offerings. The company tried using traditional magazines to get deliver this message, but their impact was waning. So, Fucini convinced Elation to let us evelop “ENEWS” a professional monthly digital newsletter for the company.

Offering a mix of product and human interest features along with case histories and application articles, ENEWS delivered a level of quality that was comparable to any magazine in the lighting industry. Soon, ENEWS had a circulation comparable to any magazine’s too.  Today, over 10,000 readers receive ENEWS, making it one of the leading “magazines” in its industry; only it isn’t a magazine at all, but a powerful marketing tool that belongs exclusively to Elation thanks to Fucini Productions.

Why Implement An Email Blast Program With Fucini Productions?

There’s a good reason why 88% of businesses that sell to consumers use email blasts, according to Forrester Research. Email blasts work! Almost eight out of ten US Consumers (79%) have opted in to receive email blasts and 44% of us have acted on them. Read More.