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Eukanuba Gains A Lion’s Share Of The Market

Challenge: To Help Iams Generate More Media Attention For A Human Interest Story Involving A Rescued Mountain Lion That Was Being Fed The Company’s Eukanuba Cat Food

Solution: We Created Press Material About The Mountain Lion
And His Rescuer, A Former Navy Pilot, And Put Together A TV And Radio Tour That Resulted In Over 100 Broadcast Interviews.

The Iams Company’s Eukanuba brand was well-known as a premium high protein dog food, but the company also made a comparably nutritious formula for cats. In fact, the nutritional led David Raber, a former Blue Angel pilot for the U.S. Navy to feed Eukanuba Cat Food to the mountain lion he had rescued from a “circus” that had been keeping the animal illegally.

When Iams learned of Raber’s work, the company provided him with free Eukanuba food for the rescued animal, which he named “Cougar.” The company also decided to use Raber as a roving ambassador to raise awareness of Eukanuba’s nutritional benefits among cat owners.

Fucini Productions was given the job of spreading the word about Raber and Cougar. We created a package of press materials and contacted TV networks and radio stations across the US to promote the story. As a result, we booked well over 100 on air interviews for Raber, which helped raised awareness of Eukanuba as a premium cat food (as well as dog food) brand.

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