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Pets ‘N Pizza

Challenge: To Help New Pet Supplies Plus Stores Get Off To A Fast Start By Distinguishing Them From Larger Competitors During Their Grand Openings.

Solution: Fucini Productions Created A “Pets-N-People Pizza Party” Event For Grand Openings. Aside From Standing Out From Typical Grand Opening Events, The Parties Reinforced The Chain’s
Identity As A Friendly Neighborhood Pet Store.

The third largest pet store chain behind PetSmart and Petco, the 250-site Pet Supplies Plus chain wanted to do something to make its grand openings different from those of its larger competitors so its stores could get off to a fast start and build market share.

Fucini Productions suggested doing a Pet-N-People Pizza Party in addition to the usual adoption events that characterized pet store grand openings. We made arrangements with a vendor to procure safe and nutritious dog biscuits made to look like human pizzas.

These doggie goodies were set up on a counter with “human pizza” and soft drinks so people could enjoy treats with their four-footed friends.  We promoted the event with flyers, email blasts and publicity.

The first store we tried this at in Rochester, Michigan had one of the best openings in the company’s history, despite the presence nearby of PSP’s two larger competitors. Now Pet-N-People Pizza Parties are part of every Pet Supplies Plus grand opening.

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